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Tue, 11/26/198:45 PMPowerplay FC(South 10v10)

Division Standings

Updated November 6, 2019 @ 9:19 am
Luxur FX 452-1-01-1-01-0-061816
West End United2-2-02-0-00-2-061118
Deportivo Real 451-2-00-1-01-1-03910
Parkland FC1-2-01-1-01-1-03712
Powerplay FC 451-3-00-2-01-1-03715
MC United 451-2-00-1-01-1-03922

Player Stats

Player Stats (2019/2020)
No.NameGoals (Reg)Goals (Post)Total
24Jablonski, Bartek33
9Kasprzak, Tomasz33
11Cynar, Janusz22
15Munguia, Alberto22
13Inostroza, Oscar11
12Bereznicki, Paul11

Full Schedule

Tue, 11/26/198:45 PMPowerplay FC(South 10v10)
Tue, 12/10/197:30 PMLuxur FC 45(South 10v10)
Tue, 12/17/1910:00 PMParkland FC(North 8v8)
Tue, 1/7/207:30 PMVictoria(South 10v10)
Tue, 1/14/207:30 PMDeportivo Real 45(North 8v8)
Tue, 1/21/208:45 PMMC United 45(South 10v10)
Tue, 1/28/2010:00 PMPowerplay FC(North 8v8)

Latest News

  • West End United (1) – MC United 45 (5)
    West End United suffers their third defeat of the season curtesy of MC United 45.  Playing some decent football in the first half while playing well defensively with some good goal keeping, West End unraveled in the second half losing control of the mid field   [ read more... ]
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  • Deportivo Real 45 (2) – West End United (3)
    West End United comes out on top in their first season meeting against Deportivo Real 45.  A a tic-tac-toe play between Alberto, Tom and Janusz puts West End on the scoreboard and gives Janusz his second goal of the season.  Oscar then adds one more beautifully   [ read more... ]
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  • West End United (3) – Victoria (10)
    First meeting between West End United and Victoria was another high scoring affair in Victoria’s favor.  Bartek opened up the scoring in the 3rd minute of the match for his second of the season finishing Alberto’s great corner kick with a beautiful   [ read more... ]
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  • West End United (2) – Parkland FC (0)
    West End United fired on all cylinders in their first away game of the season against Parkland FC.  With fairly even ball possession both teams created scoring chances in the first half, but neither could break the deadlock.  West End kicked up their efforts in   [ read more... ]
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