"Good teams win ugly". Kevin's comment pretty much summarizes the second meeting between West End United and Inter FC 45. West End found it difficult to get anything going. The loss against victoria might have still affected their game somewhat and the passing game seemed to have suffered the most with 50 percent of passes through the middle being easily intercepted by the opposition. Inter's short-bench did not affect their game however as they scored the first goal of the game in the first 10 minutes. It was a game of missed opportunities on both sides as players helped their respective keepers to keep the game at 1 goal until the 67th minute when Keith scored a tying goal from distance for his 3rd of the season. The goal changed the momentum somewhat in West End's favor and with Greg making some great saves in the final moments, Bartek salvaged the game with his 3rd of the season with a great effort to make it 2 - 1.

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