The 8 vs. 8 format keeps giving West End United trouble as they lost yet another game on the smaller filed against the visiting Luxur FC 45. West End was left with a 4 – 0 deficit after 35 minutes of play as they could not get anything going in the first half and even helped Luxur, so-to-speak, with an unfortunate own goal. The next 35 minutes was a much better performance as West End played a more disciplined man-to-man coverage game and with 2 goals from Tyler and a goal from German, managed to get 3 on the scoreboard. Unfortunately, Luxur was awarded 2 penalty shots which they took full advantage of to keep the game out of reach for West End. This was a game for control of the second place in the division and with the win Luxur put 4 points between themselves and the chasing West End United.

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