With a fourth straight lost of the season against also winless Luxur FC 45, West End find themselves in the “basement” of the division.  Again, it was the counter attack that broke down West End’s defenses as they went down by 4 goals in the first half.  Things turned around in the second half with Dario scoring his first 2 goals of the season to nudge West End closer to tying the game up.  The first one came from the top of the center circle which fooled everyone including Luxur’s keeper to find its way into the back of the net.  With Bartek’s help Dario got one more a few minutes later but unfortunately penalty trouble finds West End again and Luxur increases their lead to  3.  A bit of redemption comes towards the end of the game with West End’s own penalty shot which was well struck by Tom for his second of the season.   A decent effort with a disappointing outcome as West End is still trying to find their game and start to turn things around.

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Justin Lee (@justin)
3 years ago

I thought we could able to beat them!…kinda bit disappointed game results but I believe we will get better! ..Tom you made a really nice homepage! Awesome!

Tomasz Kasprzak (@tomaszk)
3 years ago
Reply to  Justin Lee

Yes, this should have been our game. Let’s hope with Alberto in our line-up, we’ll get our first win tomorrow 🙂
Thank you for commenting on the website. What can I say… I try 🙂