Upon arrival to the ESA complex a field change from 7 to the main field 1, left Phu and Waseem scratching their heads wondering where everybody was and the other guys at field 1 freaking out as we had only 6 men. With 2 minutes to kickoff, our boys arrived and we started. Let me explain field 1, the main field is a legitimate FIFA regulation pitch, or possibly the largest pitch in the whole world! It seemed so anyways when 7 forward players line up to defend a full Pioneer side with 3 subs. The whistle blew and the game began. Pioneer had a scoring chance in the first 20 seconds, and I think we all felt the immense task at that very moment. However within the first 2 minutes Ammar arrived after playing another game and incredibly we held them scoreless for the first 10 minutes. What an effort and the boys displayed true grit matching the intensity of Pioneer. Inevitably, Pioneer did break through with a 3 on 1 transition, not the last of the evening I might ad, and scored. Now Pioneer hitch did not let off the gas at all. The opposition where not jerks in anyway, but let me tell you, they played like sharks with blood in the water and smelling the opportunity for individual glory. Pioneer played hard with no mercy. Impressively, West End matched. in the 20th minute, Glen and Waseem connected on a real scoring opportunity and nearly found the back of the net. Shortly there after, a nice clearance from Greg, set-up German in the middle who wove his way through the central defenders and only at the last second, at the 18, did they manage to block his shot. Another quality chance for WEU. Pioneer as you can imagine was frustrated going into half time only 3 goals up. West End United on the other hand was in great spirits, clearly happy for the half time rest, but satisfied with only allowing 3 goals and the personal satisfaction of hearing their opponents frustration as they voiced it loudly to each other 10 yards away in there half time huddle. Second half begins and no goals for the first 10 minutes! Amazing work from the team, covering the wide open spaces. The machine like work and furious defending resulted in 3 quality scoring chances for WEU. After another huge clearance from Ammar, Waseem found Glenn for a legitimate right side shot from 10 yards, but somehow their keeper found away to get a leg on the shot (lucky). Greg tried a long distance air ball shot that nearly fooled the goalie, and after a really smart ball in from German to Waseem, his shot rolled under the Pioneer keeper, hitting the outside of the post. It was clearly inevitable, Pioneer would win the game, I mean seriously the had like 40 chances to score and at-least 5 corners, but with only 7 goals to show, they left disappointed!

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