A very wet Foote field, hard rain stopped almost exactly at kick off and WEU has subs!, is the opening whistle headlines. The first 12 minutes where evenly matched with both teams not generating much offence. Most play is concentrated in the middle of the field. Around the 15 minute mark a missed offside call resulted in a 2 on 0 break away for Sporting and they scored. Regardless of the protests the goal stands and WEU learns a valuable lesson to complete the play until the whistle blows. WEU counters quickly with a nice clearance from Ammar to Justin on the right wing who finds Glenn and Waseem in the middle but the shot from Glenn deflects just wide. On the ensuing play, Sporting counters very quickly and finds space on the right side of the field. A quick pass from the outside eludes the keeper, but Greg saves the goal with a fantastic interception at the goal line. As luck would have it, the corner taken by Sporting is headed into the top left corner of the net, in either a truly world class header or by dumb luck. irregardless the score is 2-0 for Sporting. The second half starts and immediately WEU has much better possession and the work effort is noticeably better. As WEU creates more chances and controls the play, the “thugs” are released. The game takes on a rough twist and for some reason German seems to take the brunt of the calls. WEU has chances to score, but it seems this Friday night is just not our night. WEU continues to take a physical beating and thankfully we don’t sustain any serious injuries except some bruising. The game ends on a sour note as a late cross into our box erupts into a pushing and yelling match as Phu Van clears the ball, maybe a little high boot, but a sporting player goes mental saying Phu was trying to kick him in the face deliberately. Bogus, but tempers flair and the result is 2 yellow cards and a 3 yard drop ball? (what) that WEU clears anyways. Our Slovakian referee was not on our side most of the match and a little quick with the cards but the end result is not the referees fault. In close, not our best effort generally, but WEU will bounce back next game and regain the camaraderie and positive attitude that we all enjoy!

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