West End United suffered their worst defeat of the season against third place Victoria.  With four players out of lineup due to injuries the bench was a bit short and some required player position movement caused some disorganization on the field.   West End did generate some offense and had short bursts of decent play, however did not really challenge Victora’s keeper with the 7 shots on target.  Victoria has always had West End’s numbers as they scored fifty-two goals and only succeeded four against West End since the teams first met in November of 2017.  The players’ frustration and disappointment were very evident after the game as they realized that the little momentum the team managed vs Powerplay FC the week before is now gone and West End has to regroup and try to build something again Inter FC 45.

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Justin Lee (@justin)
3 years ago

Holy moly! …Sorry guys Feels like I wasn’t there that’s why this happen. ..no worries I’ll be there in next game. ..Cheers! And take care who injured player!

Tomasz Kasprzak (@tomaszk)
3 years ago
Reply to  Justin Lee

Yes, Holy molly is right! It was one of those nights 🙁