The third meeting between Victoria and the visiting West End United ended up in a West End 8 – 2 loss. Victoria scored early and added two more goals on two consecutive penalty shots to make it 3 – 0. They added one more from a very well executed free kick before Bartek reduced their lead by one to 4 – 1 for his 6th of the season. West End started the second half down by 3 and faced Victoria’s continues pressure which resulted in 4 more goals as Victoria took an 8 – 1 lead towards the end of the game. However, Sam had something to say about that as he scored his first goal of the season to reduce Victoria’s lead to 8 – 2. Once again, midfield proved troublesome as West End struggled to maintain ball possession. They also failed to capitalize on few clear scoring opportunities to try to stay in the game. This was however, for most part, West End’s best performance against Victoria regardless of the score line.

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