In the “Battle of the Basement”, it all came down to a showdown between West End United and Polonia. With both teams missing players out of the line-up it was Polonia that seemed to have an edge. They took a commanding 5 – 0 lead in the first half of the game and forced West End into the half-time break empty handed. West End did produce some scoring opportunities including Dario’s great two headers from set pieces that he just missed on either side of the net, however West End just could get the ball on the net to really test Polonia’s backup keeper. Something must have happened during half-time break as West End came out to start the second half with much more “punch” as Nathan recorded his first of the night and fourth of the post season making a nice tip-in shot finishing Dario’s creative pass to finally get West End on the scoresheet. Polonia responded quickly and regained their 5-goal lead but West End kept coming. Dario finally got his goal finishing with a wonderful header on another set piece as Cam sent in a great curving ball into the penalty box from a free kick. Waseem continued his assault on the goal posts with his fifth consecutive “hit” but this time he finished his own rebound and scored his first of the night with a nice header to break the streak. With the score 5 – 3 Polonia responded with a goal of their but again West End got within 2 curtesy of Richard’s long-distance effort for his first of the post season. Toward the end of the match West End made a final push to try to salvage the match which opened up their defense a bit and cost them one more goal for a final score of 7 – 4.

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