West End gets their second win in a row and a second win of the season with a great performance against Wolfhounds.  The scoreboard filled up quickly as West End took a 4 nothing lead in the first 20 minutes of play and never looked back.  Tyler and Glenn made a mark on the game and made their presence felt by combining for a total of 7 goals.  Tyler got the ball past the keeper 3 times while Glenn found the net 4 times.  Their goal-spree was a direct reflection of a great total team effort.  With great ball movement, accurate passing and creative plays, every player added something positive to the game.  With few mistakes, West End had total control of the midfield most of the game and really set the pace.   Any opportunities Wolfhounds managed to create were very well defended.  Phu stood his ground between the posts as the net minder responsibility fell to him in Daniel's and Greg's absence. Goal of the game went the Waseem, who put a great left-footed "curl" into the top left corner of the net.    After the game, the discussion quickly turned away from the win and focused on the upcoming game against the undefeated division leader, Victoria.  Every player knows this will be a tough game and a repeat of last night's performance might make this a great game and a challenge to Victoria's dominance of the division so far.

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Justin Lee (@justin)
4 years ago

Good job everyone!
I’m pretty sure we’ll beat the victoria team
Victoria=victim. .lol.😄

Tomasz Kasprzak (@tomaszk)
4 years ago

Hey Justin, great attitude, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves 🙂 Like Tyler said, “Let’s give them a game”, so make sure we all show up and do just that 🙂